Did you know that Arizona has the highest number of scorpion stings in the whole United States?

An average of 11,500 stings is recorded each year. Besides, the most common scorpion in Phoenix, AZ — the Bark Scorpion — is also the most venomous one in North America. 

And its venom can cause severe symptoms to anyone infected!

So, if you live or planning to live in Arizona, you have to watch out for the telltale signs of scorpion infestation in your household. Call a licensed scorpion control service right away to get rid of these troublemakers!

5 Signs You Need An Expert To Control Scorpions At Your Home

1. You live in a warm climate 

These species are common in states with warm climates, such as Arizona, Texas, California, and New Mexico. If you live in places with hot temperatures, it’s best to hire a regular pest control service at your home to treat your scorpion problems.

2. You have a shaded yard

Scorpions like living in warm climates, but shaded areas are their favorite habitat. If you have a shaded yard or spots in your home, you better watch out for these creatures. 

Use pest control products or schedule a scorpion and pest control service regularly in your yard to keep these troublesome pests away.

3. You have a Citrus Tree

It may be a piece of bad news for lemonade lovers: scorpions, especially the venomous bark scorpions, prefer dwelling in dark and wet environments such as in citrus trees. 

Aside from being an ideal habitat, these trees also attract other bugs and insects, which are also the favorite food of local scorpions

4. You already saw a scorpion around your home

If you already saw a couple of scorpions roaming around your house, the chances are high that they’ve already decided to settle down in your place for good. 

Scorpions are territorial pests, and they become permanent unwanted guests to any places they find suitable for themselves. Find a professional pest exterminator with high-quality treatment services to control scorpions at your home right away. 

5. You’ve noticed an increase in insects

If you haven’t done a pest control treatment in your home for a while, more insects and cockroaches will likely invade your place. These pests are easy prey for scorpions. 

So, if you have a citrus tree and you’re diligent in your pest control, your family would have to deal with more unwanted guests, including scorpions.

How to get away from a scorpion infestation

Just like other pests, there are ways to control scorpions in your household. Follow these tips:

Do a regular pest control procedure

Scorpions like to feed on their fellow pests. Use pest control products in the infected areas and make sure to target even the small-sized insects. 

If you’re afraid of the side effects of chemical pesticides, you can use organic pest control products that are proven healthy and environmentally-friendly.

Seal all openings

Just like termites, scorpions can get inside your home through tiny openings. Filling in and sealing possible entry points like dryer vents, cracks, and spaces in your doors is an effective scorpion control procedure.

Let a pest control service professional do the work

Sometimes even if we do all the pest control efforts by ourselves, the troublemakers just won’t leave.

That’s when you should call for a reputable pest and scorpion control service provider in Phoenix and other places in Arizona. They have the necessary training and equipment to help you be completely free from any kind of infestation.

Patriot Pest and Termite Control is here to do the dirty pest control job for you! 

With 25 long years of experience, our seasoned, licensed, and insured pest control professionals can exterminate all the pests in your house or business place. 

Give us a call today to know more about our services!

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