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wasp nest removal

Ultimate Guide to Wasp Nest Removal

Have you seen an unusual number of wasps around your home?  If you suspect a wasp infestation, it’s important to look for the source and locate if their nest is near your home.  Wasp activity ramps up during the day,

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roach exterminator

5 Signs To Call A Roach Exterminator

Have you ever spotted a nightcrawler creeping in your bathroom?  Chances are, you have seen a cockroach!  Cockroaches are common pests around the world. They can also potentially spread diseases because they are dirty, and they can multiply quickly. So,

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pack rats signs

7 Signs to Identify Pack Rats

Some people may think that rats are cute, harmless little furry creatures that scurry around from time to time.  Some may even think they would make a great pet. Patriot Pest & Termite Control would like to thoroughly warn you

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seasonal Arizona Pest Control

Seasonal Pest Control Guide for Arizona

The temperatures are rising, and the forecast is calling for more wet weather. What creepy-crawlies have you started to notice in your home as the weather is changing? During May in Prescott, you will start to notice an increase in

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Pest control Arizona

How To Do Your Own Home Pest Control

Arizona Exterminating Home Series: Pest Control for Every Area of Your Home Welcome to the new Arizona Exterminating Home Series on pest control of your home.  In this series, we will discuss the many areas of your home that are

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