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Crickets may sound wonderful in the distance on a warm summer night with the breeze coming through your windows.

On the other hand, when you are scouring your Arizona house trying to find where that annoying chirping noise is coming from, that’s a different story.

In the Prescott area we are prone to three common types of cricket species:

  • House crickets
  • Tropical house crickets
  • Field crickets

Crickets are drawn to your lawn or inside your house as they are looking for food, shelter, and water.

They like to feed on fabrics and fibers, and can destroy furniture as they munch away.

They also like fur, paper, and glue. Cricket infestations are rare, but definitely possible.

Crickets make a great food source for scorpions. Getting rid of the crickets will help with the scorpion population.

Crickets are more active in the warmer months, so you may start to see more in your yard and jumping in your house in the spring through late fall.

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