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Expert Bee and Wasp Control in Arizona

Wasps in Arizona can be a real threat, especially to someone who is allergic. Wasps are vicious and have a painful sting.

Killer bees are another serious danger throughout Arizona.

Bees and wasps hide in crevices or eaves in buildings. They can also hide in warm soil or under leaves and brush, and unsuspecting children can be targeted by these aggressive bees.

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Health Threats of Arizona Bees & Wasps

Bee Stings

Bee stings produce pain and swelling in the localized area caused by a venomous stinger that is released into the skin. Over time, this pain and swelling are reduced to itching.

One sting may not be too bad if you are not allergic, but a whole hive can cause a dangerous situation with multiple stings.

Bee Allergies

Bee stings are bad news for people with bee allergies. In addition to pain and swelling, bee stings result in other symptoms like nausea and vomiting, fainting, and closing of the throat for people who are allergic.

In the case of a backyard beehive, multiple stings have the potential to kill someone who is extremely allergic to bees. Immediate medical attention is needed if you are stung, especially if you have a bee allergy.

Bee Aggression

Bees sting as a form of aggression when they feel threatened or if they feel there is a threat to their hive or colony. They also tend to be more aggressive in hot climates, if the hive is located in a shady area or if there is a lack of flowering plants.

Keep your distance if you discover a beehive in your backyard. Make sure children and visitors are also aware of the hive’s location and stay clear to prevent encounters with aggressive bees. Loud lawnmowers and weed eaters close to the hive are also known to aggravate bees, causing them to swarm and sting.

If you should encounter a hive of aggressive bees, seek shelter immediately and call us for help!

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