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A Guide to Deadly Bugs in Arizona

Scorpion in Arizona

While Arizona is a beautiful place to live, with breathtaking terrain and opportunities for outdoor recreation, it can also be dangerous if you’re unaware of surrounding deadly bugs. Arizona bugs enjoy the warmth and outdoors, just like their human neighbors, and you need to be aware of those that pose a health risk. While death […]

How To Get Rid of Bees

bees in their hive - how to get rid of bees with vinegar, home remedies, & pest control

A world without bees could be a world without us. Their loss could alter the human food system. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the aggregate estimated annual value of bee pollination services amounts to $11-15 billion. However, bees can be troublesome if they start settling in on your property. They have an […]

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

how to get rid of ants in the kitchen

You may not have been bothered by that single ant you saw in your kitchen earlier, but here’s bad news for you: one ant means hundreds more. Aside from food contamination, ant species like the fire and harvester ants can bite you, while carpenter ants can damage your property. Read on to find out how […]

7 Qualifications of Local Exterminators

local exterminator - Prescot, Arizona pest control license

Admit it or not, it’s better to hire a pest control professional than to do the frustrating work by yourself. Using pest control products can potentially expose your family and pets to danger, especially if you aren’t skilled and equipped enough for the job.  Hiring a pest control company near your location can be tricky […]

What Methods Are Used For Organic Pest Control

organic pest control for your plants

Are you tired of pests ruining your properties yet scared of using chemical pesticides?  Maybe, it’s to consider organic pest control tactics for safe and proactive measures against these troublemakers. After identifying the unwanted species in your home and garden, try these 5 organically-made pest control methods for safe and effective pest management! 5 Effective […]

Best Pest Control Techniques You Should Try

best pest control methods

Tired of being too hospitable with your pests at home? Then it’s time to level up your pest control efforts! Pests bring severe threats to every living creature especially when they aren’t controlled as soon as they infest a property. It takes a lot of effort to protect your house or business from a pest […]