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Nick Kasten
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"These people are absolutely wonderful. Nancy helped schedule my appointment and consulted me before they ever came to my home (I got rat problems.). Then Kevin was super informative and punctual. He pointed out some issues and said he could have them all taken care of and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Will keep on using and recommending them to anyone who has any sort of pest issue!"
Joseph Kuhner
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"Scheduling was easy and the tech showed up on time. After the initial assessment, I was offered options. I don't like any company acting as if the end of the world will be ushered in if I don't do the most expensive thing they suggest. I didn't get that from Patriot. I think you will be pleased if you use their services."
David S.
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"The best pest control service I have ever experienced! They offered to come early to the appointment, and explained everything."
Patrice Cody
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"From the beginning phone call I made to get an inspection, they were professional from start to finish. Ben was awesome to work with, very detailed on what was needed and why, and he knows his stuff. We felt taken care of and happy with entire process."
Pete C
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"Quick and easy to work with. Very friendly and helpful. Thank you guys for the quick turn around from inspection to report. Will call again for our annual inspection. Thank you!"
Justin McKee
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"Awesome service. Quick, professional, thorough. Highly recommend this company."
Donna Palica
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"I just used Patriot for help with ants. Their service is excellent! Ben is a super technician! He is very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. He helped me with pack rats several months ago. I highly recommend Patriot and peace of mind. Ask for Ben!"
Rick Witham
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"Started using this company about a year ago, everybody has been extremely nice and professional in my dealings with this company from the people on the phone scheduling your next appointment to the technicians that come to your house. I would definitely recommend this company to anybody looking for pest control. I have had no problems with pests since they started servicing my property. Thanks guys!!!"
Lisa Kellett
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"First let me say that in the entire time we lived in Prescott Valley, the service man from Patriot pest is the only service provider that said they would be here at 8 AM and he was promptly here at 8 AM. He explained what needed to be done and begin doing it immediately, I couldn’t be happier with the service."
Dustin Tonneson
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"Kevin and his crew are top notch and know there stuff ! Thanks for treating us like family."

We are privileged to be your top choice for pest control in Arizona.

Exterminator Services Provided with Extreme Care

Your home is your safe haven. You want to trust that the only ones living in it are you and your family.

Your business has a reputation, you want to keep it clean, and free of pests. 

That’s why at Patriot Pest & Termite Control we provide complete and thorough pest control and exterminator service.

patriot pest control trucks

We perform a top to bottom, inside and out inspection with a detailed survey of your home or business to see exactly who else is living in your walls. From there, we plan the most strategic method to conquer the pests in the most effective, cost-efficient, safest, and least intrusive manner. Our pest control and exterminator services have been a staple in the Quad-city’s area for many years. We have developed a relationship with our community over the years and it is our privilege to work closely with a wide range of local businesses and homeowners. 

It is our pleasure to help conquer your pest problem and to apply the safest and most cost-effective line of defense against a pest infestation.

Keeping it Local with Prescott Pest Control

Locally owned and operated with an overall combined 75 plus years of experience, we are dedicated to serving Prescott and the surrounding area with an eco-friendly pest control approach. 

Serving as your hometown trusted exterminators since 1976, we make it a top priority to protect, not just your home, but more importantly your family and their health.

We provide the safest pest control services, only using insecticides and pesticides that will not cause harm to your children, pets, or the environment. 

Our safe pest control products are an effective treatment to control and exterminate bugs. 

You can rest assured our company is run with the utmost integrity to give you confidence in the technicians and office staff you interact with

We perform background checks on each candidate at the beginning of the hiring process. Each employee is then fully trained and licensed with the State of Arizona with continual training classes monthly to maintain our high company standards.

Bat removal services

Our Specialty Services


Termites are secretive pests, and spotting them can prove to be very tricky. Call the professional termite exterminators to identify if you have an infestation with a termite inspection and apply an effective termite treatment. Trust us, we know how to kill termites and to protect your home or commercial property.


Yes, there are scorpions in Prescott, AZ, and they are not pleasant to come by. Patriot Pest & Termite Control provides the ultimate best scorpion exterminator services for complete scorpion control.


Arizona rodents are dangerous pests capable of spreading dozens of diseases, contaminating surfaces and foods, and causing allergic reactions. Patriot Pest & Termite Control is your trusted rodent exterminator using proper pest control for mice and rats.  


There are many types of ants in Arizona which can be destructive, harmful, and just annoying when they invade your home or business. We use safe and natural pest control methods to ensure complete ant extermination. 


Cockroaches in Arizona apartments and homes are extremely common. Getting control of a cockroach problem in kitchen areas is highly recommended. Keep your home and business clean and safe from the all-to-famous American cockroach. Call the best cockroach prevention for peace of mind.


Wasps in Arizona can be a real threat and danger. Aggressive bees in Arizona are no match for children or those allergic to their sting. Patriot Pest & Termite Control is your team to call for all types of bees in Arizona. We are your affordable pest control in AZ.


Patriot Pest & Termite Control is your go-to spider exterminator for your attics, crawl spaces, sheds, garages, and vents – we provide the most effective spider pest control in Prescott, AZ.

Our Values Are Simple and of High Importance

  • We take care of our employees, our customers, and our community. 
  • As leaders in the quad cities, we serve and protect your family, your health, and your property with honest workmanship.
  • We provide education to further empower you to make safe and effective decisions for your home or business.
  • We buy for value, not by price. We will always provide the best, most effective, cost-efficient, and safest products to use with your care in mind.
  • We value our community members. Our service comes with high regard to your home, which we respect as if it were our own.
  • We acknowledge that choosing a pest control professional is a health and safety decision.
  • The value of the service will always outweigh all other factors.
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What we are doing to prioritize your health during your pest inspection, prevention and treatment.