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Characteristic of Scorpions

Scorpions are nocturnal creatures who go out and hunt for food at night, staying in hibernation during the day. They seek shelter under rocks, block walls, or the debris of homes and buildings. 

Are There Scorpions in Prescott AZ?

You may be surprised to know that Prescott, AZ along with other northern Arizona towns are home to many scorpions.

The most prevalent types of scorpions in the Prescott area are the stripe-tail scorpion and the bark scorpion. Bark scorpions are known to be one of the more venomous species of the scorpion. 

They pose a serious threat to infants, children, and the elderly.

When is Scorpion Season in Arizona?

Scorpions tend to enjoy warmer temperatures and will start to make their seasonal debut when temperatures start to reach around 70 degrees. For the Quad-Cities Area, that usually begins in April and runs through October. 

Symptoms of a Scorpion Sting

Pain at the site can sting and hurt when touched. There may be numbness and tingling in areas of the body.

Vision impairment may include twitching eyes or blurred vision. Problems with the mouth would be trouble swallowing, drooling, swollen tongue or slurred speech.

Some may experience irritability, restlessness, muscle spasms, or hyperactivity. Symptoms could onset as much as two to three hours after the sting.  Washing the sting site with soap and water and applying a cold compress can help alleviate symptoms. If the symptoms get worse it is recommended that you seek medical attention.

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