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How To Get Rid of Pack Rats: 7 Signs of Infestation and Tips to Get Rid of Them

pack rats signs - how to get rid of pack rats

Some people may think that rats are cute, harmless little furry creatures that scurry around from time to time.  Some may even think they would make a great pet. Patriot Pest & Termite Control would like to thoroughly warn you of the dangers of pack rats found in Northern Arizona.  Unlike the common roof rats […]

Summer Pest Control Guide for Arizona

seasonal Arizona Pest Control

The temperatures are rising, and the forecast is calling for more wet weather. What creepy-crawlies have you started to notice in your home as the weather is changing? During May in Prescott, you will start to notice higher temperatures than what was experienced in April, almost a 10-degree increase.   With this, as the weather typically […]

Healthy Home Pest Control For Your Bedroom

bedroom pest control

Your bedroom is the place you rely on to get rest, though as soon as you see creepy-crawly pests across the floor, up the wall, or hiding in the corner of the room, game on because you are not resting until that bugger is a goner!  So, what pest problem will you most likely find […]

A Complete Guide To Bathroom Pest Control

Patriot Pest Control AZ

Ah, some peace, quiet, and privacy in the bathroom. Just as you’re about to turn on the sink to wash the day off your face, you come eyeball to eyeball with a monster cockroach!  No one wants to unwind with a room full of bathroom bugs!  As pest extermination experts, we understand the home invasion […]

The Complete Guide to Arizona Spring Critters

arizona spring critters

Ah! Welcome to Spring!  The change in the seasons is welcomed in Arizona state as the weather summer comes closer. It’s the time when days get longer, fresh air breezes through the open windows, and unfortunately — quite the time when insects and bugs come crawling on your floor!  As the weather gets warmer in […]