Your bedroom is the place you rely on to get rest, though as soon as you see creepy-crawly pests across the floor, up the wall, or hiding in the corner of the room, game on because you are not resting until that bugger is a goner! 

So, what pest problem will you most likely find in your bedroom and what are the best pest control methods to ensure a peaceful night’s rest? 

Read on to know how to address the bed bugs and other pesky insects out of your bedroom! 

Who Else Might You Be Sharing Your Bedroom With?

The most common pests found in the bedroom will be those that like to feed on humans for dinners, such as bed bugs, fleas, and mosquitoes. 

There are also mice, rats, spiders, wasps, cockroaches, and ants who like to pay a visit, always at the most convenient time, right before bed. 

Rodents, Spiders, cockroaches, and ants will access the home through any crevice they can find. 


If your bedroom is right next to the bathroom or has a master bath, you are more likely to see the German cockroach or the American cockroach roaming around, especially before bed due to their nocturnal nature. 

The bathroom provides a warm, wet, and inviting environment for cockroaches which is why they may wander into the bedroom looking for food such as hair, books, and decaying debris, which are a part of their diet

They also prefer hiding in places that contain papers and boxes such as stacks of magazines inside your bedroom and cardboard boxes inside closets.

Keep in mind, cockroaches have also been known to trigger allergies with humans, making for unpleasant symptoms to further disrupt sleep.


It seems a little creepy that you may see a spider in the corner of the ceiling above your bed at night and then go in the morning. 

Leaving doors and screen windows open can be their means to enter your home or bedroom. 

It’s also common for people to get bit by spiders while they sleep, waking up with two red marks on their skin. 

The warmth and darkness of your bed tend to draw in spiders to cozy up next to you. 


Ants in Arizona are determined to find an entry into a home because they are on the hunt to get some good grub. 

If you’re traveling to your bedroom leaving a trail of crumbs, or have food wrappers in your trash, they are coming for it. 

Bed Bugs

One of the most common bedroom pests, Bed bugs in Arizona is a big deal, so much so that there was a law passed on how to effectively handle a bed bug infestation! 

They are brown in color, small and oval-shaped insects. Just like a lot of people, bed bugs love to travel, and they will hitch a ride in your clothes or bags if you were someplace that was infested. 

Bed bugs also feed on humans and are nocturnal, providing the perfect time to feast while you are sleeping. They usually hide in bed frames and mattresses for easy access to humans. 


Those who have pets like dogs and cats are at more risk of having a flea infestation. Fleas prey on warm-blooded mammals and will jump at the chance to get a taste of you. 

Check your pet often, especially if they sleep in your bedroom, or the bed with you.

Rats, Mice or other Rodents

Mice can enter your home or bedroom through very small openings.

These extremely destructive creatures love to gnaw on wires, woods, and spread diseases that pose danger to health. 

Quick Tips for Bedroom Pest Control Management

bedroom pest management
  1. Avoid eating in the bedroom or throwing food scraps or wrappers in bedroom trash – always toss in the kitchen, best in a can with a lid. Bed bugs and insects like to feed on these leftovers. 
  2. Spraying a natural pest control product or other natural home remedies around the baseboards, windows, and other areas where they may gain access, inside and out is ideal. These tend to kill the pests on contact or deter them from entering at all.
  3. Be very cautious when traveling. Do your bed bug inspection wherever you are staying, looking at the seams of the furniture and the mattress. When you get home, do a dry, wash, dry cycle with very high temperatures for all fabric materials to kill any traveling bugs. 
  1. Make sure you check the pets. Look into flea protection products for your fluffies for better pest prevention for fleas and always ensure to bath them regularly especially after spending time outdoors. 
  2. Ensure your bedroom is well maintained. Avoid cluttering your bedroom with a lot of stuff to get rid of potential hiding spots of these pests. 
  3. Make sure to wash and change your bed cover, clothing, and curtains regularly.  

Use the highest heat setting to kill potential fleas and bugs. 

These are some simple pest control methods that you can try in your own home to help keep the peace and to ensure a good night’s rest in your bedroom.

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