Tired of being too hospitable with your pests at home? Then it’s time to level up your pest control efforts!

Pests bring severe threats to every living creature especially when they aren’t controlled as soon as they infest a property.

It takes a lot of effort to protect your house or business from a pest infestation, but surely, you’ll reap long-term benefits. 

If you want to ensure safe and effective usage of pest control solutions, better to call a pest control company with high-quality pest control services. 

Read on to find out the best pest control techniques you can do to get rid of your unwanted visitors at home!

5 Best Pest Control Techniques That You Need To Try

1. Learn More About Your Opponents

The first thing you need to do before you strategize your pest, termite control is to get enough knowledge about them. 

Identify the types of pests that you’re dealing with in your household. Get to know their lifestyles and the level of damages they could do to your home. All of them need three things: food, shelter, and water. 

Their infestation seasons differ, too. Ants, termites, and bed bugs are notorious year-round. Some bees invade during spring and summer, while crickets, mice, squirrels, and bugs are rampant during fall and winter.

2. Biological Control

Biological control methods are considered safe for your plants, family, and pets. It is also one of the recommended integrated pest management (IPM) tactics.

This pest control technique uses the natural enemies of the pest, such as predators, parasitoid insects, and pathogens, which can geographically interfere with the breeding abilities of termites, insects, and rodents. Certain beneficial insects, for instance, can feed on the larvae of pests to prevent their growth.

These natural enemies will also infect the pests with bacterial diseases that will eventually end their lives. 

Another biological pest control method is using organic pesticides. These include oil sprays, aspartame, pyrethrin-based insecticides, and insecticidal soaps.

3. Pesticides

Pesticides, such as insecticides and rodenticides, are the most common, affordable, and easily-available pest control products in many households. They can kill pests through oral (mouth), respiratory (breath), and dermal entry (skin). 

Insecticides, such as granules and sprays, are chemical products that can kill ants, cockroaches, and flies within minutes. 

Rodenticides are the highly lethal type of pesticide for rodent control. The increased lethality is effective against rats when ingested.

Chemical pesticides are dangerous for all living organisms like humans and animals. Before using one, make sure to read the label and follow the instructions and safety precautions properly. 

Keep your pets and children away from the areas where you need to use pesticides. Avoid contaminating any uncovered food, drinks, and utensils around the site too.

4. Eliminate Breeding Grounds

As part of your pest and termite control practice, always be mindful of the warning signs of the infestation and immediately eliminate their breeding grounds. 

Clean your house and throw away garbage and leftover food. Check your woods and walls, too, for any signs of termite breeding.

5. Be Hygienic

dirty kitchen invites rats

Even if you hire all the pest control companies near Prescott, AZ, all of them will advise you to value your home’s sanitation. Keeping your home clean, orderly, and garbage-free is the simplest yet most effective pest control and prevention method.

Here are some tips you keep your home clean and pest-free:

  • Clean surfaces after eating
  • Throw away all food scraps and crumbs
  • Keep your kitchen, dining area, and bathrooms clean
  • Clean your tables, floors, and workspaces
  • Store your food in tightly sealed containers
  • Install fly screens
  • Have a regular cleaning schedule
  • Check and seal any holes and cracks in your internal and external walls

Hire the Top Pest Control Company in Prescott Valley, AZ!

Sometimes, even if we try hard to do the pest control by ourselves, our efforts may still be insufficient to stop the infestations.

That is the sign when you should leave your pest problem in the hands of an expert and find the best termite and pest control service provider. They have the know-how and the right equipment to help you say goodbye to these unwanted species.

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