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Preventative Pest Control for Your Home or Business

Arizona is home to a large list of critters. If you’re like most people, you will agree that these critters are not welcome guests in your home or business. 

When it comes to protecting your property from pests, preventing the problem before it becomes an infestation is the best strategy!

That’s why we specialize in all types of preventative pest control treatment methods to give you peace of mind!

Protect Your Property With Preventive Pest Control Service

We know you want to protect your family, employees, and customers from diseases or other harmful repercussions of an infestation. Our personalized approach to preventive pest control allows us to design a service plan around your specific needs. 

Home or business pest inspections are performed by our expert service technicians. We assess your property inside and out, looking for signs of infestation. If there is a problem we create an action plan to mitigate the problem quickly.

We use powerful, top-of-the-line, products that are safe for people and pets. All of our treatment plans include preventive measures to prevent future problems. 

We also make recommendations to help you create an environment that is safe for you and not welcoming for unwanted critters. 

We Treat For These Pests:

    • Termites 
    • Scorpions 
    • Roof Rats and Other Arizona Rodents
    • Carpenter Ants, Flying Ants, Black Ants, and Fire Ants 
    • Cockroaches
    • Wasps & Bees 
    • Spiders 
    • Birds

Our preventive pest control services are the best way to stop a problem before it starts. As with most problems, prevention is better than cure. 

Call us today to schedule an inspection for preventive pest control on your property.

Trust The Top Pest Control Company in Northern Arizona

In business since 1976, we have worked hard to earn the trust of Prescott, Arizona residents solving countless pest problems.

Through expert service and reasonable prices, we know you will be satisfied with the quality of pest control you receive from us.

Our experienced office staff will answer your questions and each technician has the training and skills required to get your job done right. 

See What Prescott, AZ Locals Have To Say

Preventive pest control is just one of the many ways we help you stay safe from pests in your home or business. 

We do our best to provide the highest-quality customer service every day. 

Hear what our satisfied customers have to say about our services! 

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We are happy to be your choice pest exterminator. We enjoy making your home or business safe and pest free. Your peace of mind is in our hands. Contact us today for your pest inspection, prevention, and treatment. We are honored to serve you.


Nick Kasten
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"These people are absolutely wonderful. Nancy helped schedule my appointment and consulted me before they ever came to my home (I got rat problems.). Then Kevin was super informative and punctual. He pointed out some issues and said he could have them all taken care of and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Will keep on using and recommending them to anyone who has any sort of pest issue!"
Joseph Kuhner
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"Scheduling was easy and the tech showed up on time. After the initial assessment, I was offered options. I don't like any company acting as if the end of the world will be ushered in if I don't do the most expensive thing they suggest. I didn't get that from Patriot. I think you will be pleased if you use their services."
David S.
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"The best pest control service I have ever experienced! They offered to come early to the appointment, and explained everything."
Patrice Cody
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"From the beginning phone call I made to get an inspection, they were professional from start to finish. Ben was awesome to work with, very detailed on what was needed and why, and he knows his stuff. We felt taken care of and happy with entire process."
Pete C
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"Quick and easy to work with. Very friendly and helpful. Thank you guys for the quick turn around from inspection to report. Will call again for our annual inspection. Thank you!"
Justin McKee
Read More
"Awesome service. Quick, professional, thorough. Highly recommend this company."
Donna Palica
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"I just used Patriot for help with ants. Their service is excellent! Ben is a super technician! He is very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. He helped me with pack rats several months ago. I highly recommend Patriot and peace of mind. Ask for Ben!"
Rick Witham
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"Started using this company about a year ago, everybody has been extremely nice and professional in my dealings with this company from the people on the phone scheduling your next appointment to the technicians that come to your house. I would definitely recommend this company to anybody looking for pest control. I have had no problems with pests since they started servicing my property. Thanks guys!!!"
Lisa Kellett
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"First let me say that in the entire time we lived in Prescott Valley, the service man from Patriot pest is the only service provider that said they would be here at 8 AM and he was promptly here at 8 AM. He explained what needed to be done and begin doing it immediately, I couldn’t be happier with the service."
Dustin Tonneson
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"Kevin and his crew are top notch and know there stuff ! Thanks for treating us like family."
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