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The best pest control in Arizona to totally eliminate your ant problem once and for all.

Patriot Pest Control Defeats the Many Kinds of Ants in Arizona

There are many types of ants in Arizona and many that can be destructive, harmful, and just annoying if they invade your home or business. 

  • Flying ants are a sign that they are getting ready to breed and your home or business may be just the place where they lay! 
  • Carpenter ants do just as their name suggests. They go to work on the wood in your home to destroy it, causing massive property damage. 
  • Black ants infest homes in search for improperly stored food. Where there is one, there is a whole colony more! 
  • Fire ants can attack unsuspecting people and are painful. 

Fire ants are one of the most harmful to humans with their nasty stings that leave evidence of a puncture with welts that may ooze pus and be prone to infection.

Some have allergic reactions to fire ants, which in rare cases, could be deadly. These pesky critters can be so cruel to not only sting you once but multiple times, leaving numerous pus-filled welts.

Small children and small pets tend to fall prey most easily for these ant species.

How Does Pest Control Get Rid of Ants?

With the most effective, safe and natural pest control methods available. Preventative pest control is highly recommended to avoid being overtaken by any type of ant species.

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There are many types of ants in Arizona which can be destructive, harmful, and just annoying when they invade your home or business. We use safe and natural pest control methods to ensure complete ant extermination. 


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