A Message To Our Customers and our Community about the Covid-19 Virus,

As we monitor the effects and responses to Covid-19 (the “Coronavirus,”) please know that the health and safety of our employees, our customers and our community is our first concern.

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, pest control is an essential service, and we are continuing to provide exceptional service as usual. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to schedule your service, please call us at (928)272-3201, or email at info@patriotpestaz.com.

All of our service professionals are strictly adhering to the Center for Disease Control guidelines for preventing the spread of Covid-19. In addition to limiting our contact with persons or situations that might pose a contamination risk and frequent hand washing, our service professionals are also taking the following measures:

  • Personal protective equipment, including hand sanitizer, gloves, booties and masks
  • Frequent disinfecting of all shared equipment and devices
  • All nonessential company functions including excess travel, meeting and events have been suspended through the next few months.

Your health and safety is our primary concern here at Patriot Pest Control. Please see our FAQ below, which addresses some of our most common Covid-19 related questions.

Q: I’m concerned about someone entering my home. Does my service professional need to come into the home?
            A: At all times, it is most important that we establish our pest-preventing barrier on the outside of your home. It is not necessary that we enter the home in most cases. With the influx of pests that we expect every spring, it is important to maintain this protection.

Q: Do your pest control products influence the spread of Covid-19?
           A: None of our standard products are known to advance or prevent the spread of Covid-19, or interact with it in any way. Our products are as always, health and safety conscious, environmentally friendly, and effective only against the targeted pest.

Q: Will my service or the quality you provide change in any way?
         A: Pest Control is one of the best measures for preventing the spread of certain types of infectious disease. With that in mind, Patriot Pest and Termite Control will continue to provide the exceptional service we are known for. We are asking that whenever possible, our customers participate in our paperless billing and payment system, so we can limit our exposure to possible contaminants from outside sources. You can find out more about paperless billing here: https://patriotpestaz.briostack.com/customer

As always, please feel free to call our office if there is anything we can help you with. Thank you for your cooperation and support.


The Patriot Pest and Termite Control Team